24-hour monitoring

Continuous 24/7 Support for Your Peace of Mind

Tier 1 Fire Protection’s 24-hour security and fire alarm monitoring services ensure that any alert from your automatic detection systems is acted upon instantly, guaranteeing the safety of your building and valuables. These services are designed to offer you complete peace of mind, knowing that your property is in good hands at all times.

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Here’s How Our Monitoring Services Work

Our central monitoring system is staffed by dedicated professionals ready to respond to alerts from your fire detection or security systems. Here’s how our service works to protect you:


Immediate Response

Upon receiving an alert, our team swiftly evaluates the situation and takes appropriate action, whether contacting you directly or dispatching emergency services to your location.

comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

We provide security system and fire alarm monitoring to provide a full spectrum of protection for your property.


Seamless Integration

Our monitoring services can be integrated with your existing fire alarm or security systems, offering enhanced safety without requiring major system overhauls.

Stay Safe Around the Clock with Our 24/7 Monitoring

Worried about what happens when you’re not there? With Tier 1 Fire Protection, we’ve got your back 24/7, ensuring your place is always protected. Contact us today to get started.

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Why Choose Tier 1 Fire Protection?

certified experience

Certified Expertise

customized systems

Customized Systems

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

worry-free maintenance

Worry-Free Maintenance

inspection deadline tracking

Inspection Deadline Tracking

comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive Solutions


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What happens when an alarm is triggered?

When your system triggers an alarm, it immediately notifies our central monitoring system. Our team assesses the situation and, depending on the nature of the alert, may contact you for verification or directly alert emergency services.

Can Tier 1 Fire Protection monitor systems installed by another company?

Yes, we can provide monitoring services for most fire alarm and security systems, regardless of the installation company.

Is there a difference in monitoring services for fire alarms vs. security systems?

While the underlying principle of 24-hour monitoring remains the same, the response may differ based on the type of alert. For fire alarms, we typically contact the fire department immediately. For security alerts, we may contact you first to verify the alarm before notifying the police.

How do I get started with 24-hour monitoring services?

Getting started is easy. Contact Tier 1 Fire Protection, and we’ll discuss your current system, your fire protection and security needs, and how our monitoring services can provide you with comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Are there any additional benefits to 24-hour monitoring services?

Yes, beyond the benefit of immediate response to alarms, our monitoring services often qualify you for reduced insurance premiums.

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Need Help Staying Compliant and Safe? We’ve Got You Covered

Tier 1 Fire Protection offers a suite of services designed to meet all your fire safety and security needs.

new systems

New System Installations

Embarking on a new project or upgrading your facility? Our expert team provides end-to-end solutions for low-voltage system installations, including:
Fire security systems and alarms security systems

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24-hour monitoring

24-Hour Monitoring Services

Ensure the safety of your property around the clock with our 24-hour monitoring services. Our dedicated team provides immediate response to alarms, safeguarding your assets and providing peace of mind with continuous protection. offline retail businesses.

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services and repair

Services and Repair

Maintaining the reliability of your fire and security systems is crucial for uninterrupted operations. We offer extensive service and repair solutions for a variety of low-voltage systems. Our tailored solutions and expert team ensure your systems are always at peak performance.

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inspections and testing

Inspections and Testing

Compliance and functionality are key to effective fire protection. Our NICET-certified inspectors conduct thorough fire system inspections and testing, ensuring all your fire safety systems meet NFPA codes and local regulations.

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