Backflow Devices

Backflow Device Installation and Repair: Ensure Your Water’s Safety

Backflow preventers play a critical role in maintaining the safety and quality of water in your commercial properties. Tier 1 Fire Protection provides backflow device installation. Once installed, we’ll ensure your backflow prevention devices function optimally through comprehensive annual inspections.

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Our Backflow Preventer Inspection Process

Annual backflow inspections are required for all backflow devices to ensure they function correctly and comply with local jurisdiction mandates. Our backflow inspection process involves thoroughly examining your backflow preventer, including:

backflow testing

Pressure Testing

Assessing the backflow device’s pressure to ensure it operates within the required range, preventing any backward water flow.

backflow repair

Backflow Repair

Addressing any repair promptly If the inspection uncovers issues.

visual inspections

Visual Inspections

Checking the backflow device’s physical condition to ensure it’s free from any damage or obstruction.

comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Providing detailed insights into the health of your backflow preventer and the safety of your water supply.

Why Choose Tier 1 Fire Protection?

certified experience

Certified Expertise

customized systems

Customized Systems

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

worry-free maintenance

Worry-Free Maintenance

inspection deadline tracking

Inspection Deadline Tracking

comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

Ready for Your Annual Backflow Device Inspection?

Ensure your water supply remains safe and compliant. Schedule your annual backflow device inspection with Tier 1 Fire Protection and let our certified experts handle the rest.

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FAQs About Backflow Devices

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What Is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer prevents water from flowing backward in water supply lines. This device safeguards drinking water from being contaminated by a reverse water flow containing suspended solids, liquids, or gases.

What is a Backflow Inspection?

Inspecting a backflow device includes testing double-check valves and pressure devices, assessing water pressure, and ensuring the backflow device passes all required standards to prevent backflow.

Why is a Backflow Inspection Required Annually?

Annual backflow inspections are mandated to safeguard the public water supply against contamination and ensure that backflow preventers are always in optimal condition.

Who needs a backflow inspection?

To protect the water supply, both commercial and residential properties with backflow preventers installed must comply with annual inspection requirements.

Can Tier 1 Fire Protection inspect all types of backflow preventers?

Yes, Tier 1 Fire Protection inspects both fire lines (fire sprinkler systems) and domestic backflow devices, including those for community pools and other facilities.

Who can perform a backflow inspection?

A backflow inspection must be conducted by a certified backflow tester or inspector who has received specialized training and passed a certification exam with a recognized authority like the American Water Works Association (AWWA) or the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).

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